“Transparency is amazing.”

Capella, your transparency is amazing and your willingness to share info like this says not only a lot about you as a business woman, but also a person. Thank you. 

— Jannicke, Las Vegas

“So helpful!”

Love all of your posts, Capella! I forward them to all of my designer friends.   So helpful—and those scripts are amazing!

— Julie, Atlanta


“So inspiring.”

Capella, you have been so inspiring for me since I found you!!  Looking forward to more of your stuff!!

— Yzabelle, Ontario Canada

“Struggling with this exact problem.”

Thank you Capella, I just was struggling with this exact problem the other day. It is such a fine line and you do not want to insult the client. These are perfect.  Thank you again.

— Charity, Syracuse


“Generously sharing info.”

This is so helpful, I was literally just considering the differences of these business structures this morning, and bam – here’s an article that defines it by interior design standards! Thank you for generously sharing the info! Love the serendipity!

— Nicola, San Francisco

“No nonsense approach.”

Thank you so much for your no nonsense approach and for your forthright approach. It is very refreshing, insightful and helpful! I am an Interior Designer whom after being out of the field for 6 years due to raising my girls is finally getting back into it! This time around I’m working for myself and you and your site have been instrumental in getting me back on my feet! You rock!

— Ana, Boulder

You are an inspiration, I don't know how you do all of this. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas and advice.

I'm so glad I took your course!

— Becky, New Hamphire



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